Our Charter


Managing Team:

Erik "VooDoo Chef" Youngs, Founder

Marie Youngs, Historian

Beth "Edwards" Corbett, Consultant

Jeanette Scanlon, Consultant

Christine Saettone, Consultant

Eric Moore, VDC Foundation


Committee Chairpersons:

Jose Churruca, Membership

Timothy "Longboat" Kielich, Costume

Danna Bramlett, Fundraising



First Watch

Cassi Checklick, Krewe Sponsor

Stefan Knapik, Krewe Sponsor

Tom Shackton, Krewe Sponsor

Alex Shackton, Krewe Sponsor

The Empress Tea Room

Kim Nauman, Official Sponsor

Michael Nauman, Official Sponsor

Just Grillin'

​Doug Driscoll, Official Sponsor

Heather Driscoll, Official Sponsor

James Joyce Irish Pub

Janice Rock, Official Sponsor

​Trey Taylor, Official Sponsor



Angelina "Spooky" Youngs

Timothy "P" Glisson

​Jason Bramlett

Mike "Z" Zanation

Shane Schaibly

David Miller

Amy Tupper

Carol Jurch Germana

Jensen Reveron French

Dave "Superfly" Corbett

Chuck Hackney

Kristen Thomson

Brian Rubright

Eric Nedbal

​Jessica Scanlon

Sue "The Guardian" Panazze

Amy Barker

Rick Barker

Timothy Germana

Christine "Dabbs" Strombom

Nils Strombom

Ginger Bibiloni

Bryan Bibiloni

Holly Provance

Shari Locascio

Aminta Owen

Steve Owen

Rick Burton

Cindy St. Lawrence

Eric Wicinski

Jane Swartz

Rachel Ciliberti

Joshua Mullis

Art Flores

Tina Murray

Christina Grimaldi

Erin Chest

Mark Chest

Brandi Jarman

Christine Fisher

Daniel Fisher

Sarah Ashley

Scott Lewis

Jillian Putney

Jeremiah Putney

Anthony Bibiloni

Scott Goodwin

Steve Willis

Lisa Riscile Schaibly

Kristen Kielich

Maggie Rodriguez

Jamal Mohammed

Captain Morgan

Susan Paglino

Vincent Paglino

​Amy Elliott-Polanco 


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The VooDoo Krewe


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The VooDoo Krewe

Our Sponsors

Krewe Sponsor

VooDoo Krewe

The Voodoo Chef is coming to Tampa, and he is bringing his Krewe. These Krewe members, who have been locked into a “Gastronomic Trance”, are forced to wander the earth forever. They spend their days invading kitchens and infusing their own brand of spices and sauces into recipes, making it impossible NOT to worship the flavor.

It is the Voodoo Chef’s mission to cast a spell over everyone in Tampa Bay sharing “His Passion”, “His Future”, and “His HOPE!” as he casts his magic over all he comes across.

When the Planets are aligned, and the Moon is just right, the people of Tampa Bay will have an opportunity to meet with the Voodoo Chef. You will bear witness to the magic, as you watch these mystical recipes come to life.

Study well, and you too will be able to cast a spell over those you wish to do your bidding.


Founder:            Erik Youngs

Established:       July 1, 2016

Mission:             The Krewe shall provide a forum to socialize, interact, network, mentor, provide charitable services, and hunger relief through fundraising and volunteerism in support of all members of the Food Community.

Download you membership form, and return today via email or snail mail!

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​The VooDoo Krewe

Tampa Two Security

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